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3rd Biocultural Festival


2802-2019 Santuruma T'inkay
When: During Fat Tuesday  (it varies between February and March) Where: In all the Andean communities  This is a celebration to thank Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the potato plant bringing her offerings, food, song, dance and native flo ...
3101-2019 Workshop: Sustainable Utilization of Forgotten and Underutilized Species of Wild Plants and Grains
Este Taller  se denomina “Utilización Sostenible de Especies Olvidadas y Subutilizadas de Plantas Silvestres y Granos Andinos para Combatir la Anemia en la Re ...
1911-2018 3rd Biocultural Festival
1807-2018 5th Horizontal Learning Exchange: Kyrgyzstan 2018
The International Network for Mountain Indigenous Peoples Global Coordination is pleased to announce the fifth annual "Horizontal Learning Exchange” walking workshop to be held in Kyrgyzstan from 26 - 31 of July 2018. More... ...
3105-2018 World Potato Congress
https://www.worldpotatocongress2018-alap.org/es/dia-de-campo/ ...
2009-2017 Interdisciplinary Seminar on Food
Information from our rapporteur and the organization he represents Alejandro Argumedo Director of Programs Alejandro is one of the founders of ANDES and initiator of several international networks, among them The Indige ...
1909-2017 Join our next GFAR Collective Action Webinar on Farmers’ Rights
GFAR partners CGIAR, GODAN (Global Open Data Initiative for Agriculture and Nutrition) and Asociación ANDES, through a GFAR Collective Action, are pleased to invite you to:Our webinar:“Farmers’ Rights: How Complementarity between Research ...
3005-2017 Papa Watay
Papa Watay is a traditional ritual for the beginning of the harvest, which consists in tying the spirit of the potato to Pachamama (Mother Earth). It can be done individually  (in families), or collectively (whole communities at the first har ...
2803-2017 20 Wata Hunt'ay ANDES
Asociacion ANDES, this March 28 marks 20 years Working cooperatively with indigenous organizations at the communal level in the development of adaptive models of indigenous biocultural heritage that affirm the rights and reponsibilities of the communit ...
0505-2016 Biocultural Festival and Concert
Hello everyone! May 5th come and join us in celebrating the local Biocultural Heritage and the innovations of resilience of the indigenous Andean communities. This music festival includes performances by Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen from the US ...

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Asociación ANDES
Street Ciro Alegria H-13, Urb. Santa Monica - Wanchaq
Postal code Nº 567, Cusco - Peru
Phone: 51-84-245021
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