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Biocultural Conservation - Sallqa Ayllu

The Sallka Ayllu program component focuses on the conservation of biological, genetic, and ecosystem diversity, and  the Andean landscape. ANDES applies the holistic concept of collective biocultural heritage to conservation.

Biocultural heritage has been defined as, The knowledge, innovations and practices of Indigenous and local communities which are often collectively held and are inextricably linked to traditional resources and lands and waters traditionally occupied by indigenous and local communities; including the diversity of genes, varieties, species and ecosystems; cultural and spiritual values; and customary laws shaped within the socio-ecological context of communities (CBD Secretariat, 2009).


The Indigenous Biocultural Territory (IBCT) model, which resulted from the process of establishing the The Potato Park , describes a community-led and rights-based approach to conservation which protects and enhances local livelihoods and biocultural diversity using the knowledge, traditions, and philosophies of indigenous peoples related to the holistic and adaptive management of traditional agricultural landscapes. 


The six Quechua communities conforming the Potato Park hold about 1500 varieties of cultivated potatoes and the area also has the world’s highest number of wild potato varieties. The communities’ traditional knowledge, customary laws and spiritual beliefs that nurture these resources are in turn shaped and sustained by the Andean ancestral landscapes and their sacred mountain gods or Apus.


The IBCT model is in various stages of implementation in Lares, the Vilcanota Spiritual Park, the Lucre-Huacarpay Wetland, and the Biocultural Corridor of Ruta Condor.

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Street Ciro Alegria H-13, Urb. Santa Monica - Wanchaq
Postal code Nº 567, Cusco - Peru
Phone: 51-84-245021
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