ANDES Celebrates 25 th Anniversary

As part of our 25 th anniversary celebrations, we would like to share some of the results of ANDES’ past projects, campaigns and events, which, of course, are only possible thanks to important contributions by our partners. There have been too many actions to name them all, but here are a few of the highlights from ANDES’ 25-year history..

25 projects, campaigns and exchanges

Supporting the establishment of Indigenous Biocultural Heritage Territories is a source of much pride at ANDES. We provide technical assistance, capacity building, fundraising, and forge alliances to support indigenous communities in the Andes and around the world to protect their landscapes, food systems, culture and rights.

Our colleagues in the Potato Park, Chalakuy Park, and Vilcanota Spiritual Park continue to inspire and motivate us in our work, and they are an inspiration for positive action around the world!

1.- Potato Park

A key component of ANDES work is community-led action research, particularly with indigenous communities in the Andes and around the world. Our collaborative research and policy development focuses on links between local actions and global processes.

4.- Millenium Ecosystem Assessment (UN)

5.- Turismo Biocultural: conservación y uso sostenible dela agrobiodiversidad (INTERVITA, CARIPLO)

6.- Sustaining Local Food Systems, Agricultural Biodiversity and Livelihoods (IIED)

7.- Smallholder Farmers Innovation for Resilience - SIFOR (IIED)

8.- Putting lessons into practice: Scaling up Peoples’ Biodiversity Management for Food Security (IFAD, OXFAM-NOVIB)

9.- Sowing Diversity = Harvesting Security – SD=HS (OXFAM-NOVIB)

10.- Employing Indigenous Knowledge to Advance Human Rights and Biocultural Heritage Security(HESP)

Much of ANDES impact is a result of its innovative education programs, which bring together indigenous peoples, farmers, scientists, academics and policy makers to address complex problems, including climate change, indigenous food systems, biodiversity loss, and the rights of indigenous peoples and our mother earth.

ANDES has also taken a leading role in international networks such as INMIP, IPCCA and ISE. The annual knowledge exchanges and Walking Workshops with members of the International Network of Indigenous Peoples (INMIP) have forged strong alliances and unified voices to raise awareness and influence policy at local, national and international levels.

Finally, ANDES actively engages in public campaigns to influence policies that impact indigenous peoples, their food systems, rights and livelihoods.

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