Yachay Kuychi

Biocultural Education
The Yachay Kuychi (Rainbow of Knowledges) Pluriversity was established by Association ANDES in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, near Cusco, Peru in 2020. It is an international, intercultural education and research institution, and a center of excellence on indigenous food systems and biocultural landscapes. We believe that education can change the world.

The Yachay Kuychi Pluriversity acknowledges historical and ongoing colonialism, and seeks greater justice in the global food system by taking a decolonizing and emancipatory approach. The Pluriversity is grounded in the fundamental interrelationship of lands, languages, and peoples, and transcends common disciplinary divisions. This is a horizontal, decolonizing, transdisciplinary, and biocultural model of education.

Latin American School for Food Systems Resilience (ALLSA)

In September 2019, ALLSA worked in coordination with the Yachay Kuychi Pluriversity to host a learning exchange in Cusco Peru



The Pluriversity aims to address contemporary and future global challenges through the incorporation of Indigenous ways of knowing and doing in agrobiodiversity and land use decision-making, policy, and practice.


  • Indigenous world view, knowledge and practices
  • Social and Environmental justice
  • Feminist Theory
  • Political-Ecology
  • Solidarity Economy
  • Participatory Curriculum Development
  • Multiple Literacies Approaches


At the local level, it will support innovation in food crop neighborhood communities as they diversify their economies, enact food sovereignty, build resilience of their terrestrial and water systems; and pursue their sustainability goals.

Program Team

Tammy Stenner
- Asociación ANDES

Alejandro Arguemdo
- Swift Foundation

Michel Pimbert
- Coventry University, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience


Mariano Sutta Apocusi - Potato Park

Aniceto Ccoyo Ccoyo - Potato Park

Ricardino Paco Condori - Potato Park

Ricardo Pacco - Asociación ANDES

Sonia Ttito Quispe - Chalakuy Park

Victor Oblitas
- Chalakuy Park

Promoting a conservation and development approach
through the implementation
of Biocultural Territories

  • ANDES Asociation
  • Urb. Santa Monica, Wanchaq, Cusco, Peru.
  • Postal Code Nº 567, Cusco - Peru